Building lots are located in the village of Horná Streda situated on a flat territory neighbouring already built-up area. For those requiring convenient road links into Bratislava, or Žilina, the D1 motorway is not even one kilometre away.

Horná Streda is placed on the right bank of river Váh, on the edge of the Danubian Lowland, 11 km south of Nové Mesto nad Váhom, 7 km north of the famous spa town Piešťany. Its area is 983 ha. The village is inhabited by 1268 residents and boasts of quality public service: Roman Catholic church, primary school, kindergarten, general practitioner, paediatrician, pharmacy, hairdresser's, many shops and restaurants. The village is currently planning the construction of public water and sewage systems.

The village is surrounded by both summer and winter resorts to make your free time more enjoyable. To mentions just some of them we can name Považský Inovec mountains, White Carpathians or many water reservoirs built on the Váh river, for example Sĺňava.

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